“Dr. Stephanie Sandretti is not only personable and always upbeat, but genuinely caring and highly professional. She knows her stuff, and possesses that rare commodity of honesty. You will never get sold more treatment than you need. I first had the pleasure of being treated by Dr. Sandretti at the UCLA Dental Clinic when she was a medical student. Today I live in Arizona and don’t mind taking the long trek to Sacramento because I know I will get state of the art care at a fair price. Recently I lost a crown from an ancient root canal molar and my local dentist evaluated it as a loss and that it had to be pulled, and that an old filling had to be crowned. I sent the x-rays to Stephanie, who concurred but wanted to take a look since I was coming up for the other treatment. Once she was able to evaluate both teeth herself, she decided to save both, replacing the lost crown and re-filling the other with modern materials. Because I travel to see her when I need lots of work, I tend to spend a lot of time in the chair, but it’s always worth it – for the honest evaluation, creative problem-solving and topnotch dental skills. Dr. Sandretti is super!”